Si Denbigh

Si Denbigh - credit Simon Temperton Si Denbigh - credit Simon Temperton credit Simon Temperton

Si Denbigh: Founding member of the March Violets, the male part of the vocals, certainly not your average skinny Goth Boy. It is Si's dark and twisted imagination, skewed sense of humour and punk pop sensibility that leads the Violets into places no one else goes.

Si formed pre-grunge rockmonsters the Batfish Boys in 1985 after leaving the Violets, signing to Motorhead's GW records. Described by Kerrang magazine as 'the Executive Son of Satan' Si maintains he is actually a very nice chap, and a genius.

He later created D-Rok, toured with UFO and recorded an LP for Games Workshop featuring Brian May on guitar. During the 90s he created a midi instrument and was an early underground pioneer in live Electronic Jamming with Dr Walker. He also made forged swords and armour.

Si has been a member of old friends The Sisters of Mercy since 1995 as Nurse to Doktor Avalanche. He was recently awarded Cult Hero status by Classic Rock Magazine.

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