2021 Record Store Day UK

Big Soul Kiss Big Soul Kiss
The March Violets Release “Big Soul Kiss” Double LP Compilation of BBC Recordings

Well, look at what happened on Record Store Day UK on July 17th 2021!
The March Violets ‘Big Soul Kiss’ - all the 1980s BBC Sessions in one place.
And PURPLE vinyl too #RSD21 #rsddrops

The entire pressing sold out in 24 hours. Jungle Records are releasing a CD version in 2022… plus more releases planned. Watch this space!

Despite never making a full LP during their initial run, The March Violets managed to record six live sessions with the BBC: three with John Peel, and one each with Richard Skinner, Kid Jensen, and Janice Long. Chronicling their development from 1982 to 1986 with lead singers Simon, Rosie, and Cleo, these sessions include nine unreleased songs and alternate versions of their hits, chronicling their development between 1982-1986.
Side One: 1. Radiant Boys, 2. Steam, 3. 1 2 I Love You, 4. Grooving In Green, 5. Crow Baby, 6. The Undertow.
Side Two: 1. Strange Head, 2. Slow Drip Lizard, 3. Walk Into The Sun, 4. Deep, 5. Kill The Delight.
Side Three: 1. Big Soul Kiss, 2. Lights Go Out, 3. Love Hit, 4. Don’t Take It Lightly, 5. Electric Shades, 6. The Face Of The Dragonfly.
Side Four: 1. Snake Dance, 2. Deep, 3. High Times, 4. Close To The Heart, 5. South Country, 6. Avalanche Of Love. Broadcast by the BBC between 1982 – 1986.

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