Tuesday, 14 July 2020 10:47

15.5.2020 & 8.7.2020 - Hippocrates Initiative for Poetry and Medicine ONLINE

Hippocrates Poetry & Medicine Hippocrates Poetry & Medicine

15.5.2020 & 8.7.2020 - ONLINE EVENT

Hippocrates Initiative for Poetry and Medicine

2020 FPM-Hippocrates Prize Open Poetry Competition
Including – Eczema, by Rosie Garland

Poems to Live for session at 9pm
The winners in the 2020 Hippocrates will be announced by the judges during the second Poems to Live for live-streamed Zoom session which will start at 9pm, 15th May 2020. More readings, incl Eczema, by Rosie Garland on 8th July 2020.